Browse sdf File

In This Section You can Upload a file and Browse its Compounds.

The 2D chemical structure using an internal applet (JChemPaint) as well as additional information included in each sdf file is presented.
A link for each compound that leads to an external applet (Jmol) is also provided and a 3D representation of the molecule according to the provided in the sdf file x-y-z coordinates is available.

Preview Compounds in 2D images (enabled if checked)
Note: For files with more than 50 Compounds, 2D Preview is not available.

Step 1.
Please, Upload files* in either ".sdf", or ".mol" format.

Uploaded filename should not contain any special character i.e. @%$_^.-~
Files are temporary saved on the server and deleted after processing.
Maximum allowed upload size is 10MB (~2000 compounds).

Final Step.

Processing Data...
Please wait few minutes,
Do not Press Refresh or Any Other Button ,
Results will be displayed automatically.