Hierarchical Clustering

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Step 1.
Please, Upload files* in ".sdf", ".mol", or binary fingerptint in ".txt" format.

Uploaded filename should not contain any special character i.e. @%$_^.-~
Files are temporary saved on the server and deleted after processing.
Maximum number of compounds that can be easily distinguished in the plot area is approximately 1000.
Maximum allowed upload size is 10MB (~2000 compounds).
fingerprint .txt format should contain two parts separated by a comma (,) character, the binary fingerprint and the name of the compound i.e:
00000110000001010000111101100000000000001111111111111110, Compound 0001
00111111111111111111000000000000000000110111000000000000, Compound 0002
01011110011001000110100100101011101110000000101111001101, Compound 0003
Binary part should not conatain any space before comma.
(see Example Data set 7. for more information)  
Please notice that a PDF reader program should be installed in order to display clustering results.

Step 2. Please, select Parametres

Distance Selection:
Clustering Linkage Selection:
Clustering Threshold:

Final Step.