Combined Search

Step 1.
Please, Upload files* in either ".sdf", or ".mol" format.

‒ Uploaded filename should not contain special characters ^ ()_
‒ Files are temporary saved on the server and deleted after processing.
Maximum allowed upload size is 100MB .

Optional Step.
- Upload searchings parametres file.
In this optional step, the user is able to upload a file with comma-separated custom criteria values.

Processing Data...
Please wait few minutes,
Do not Press Refresh or Any Other Button,
Results will be displayed automatically.

- If optional step was skipped, choose custom parametres:

• Molecular Weight:
• Number of Charges:
• Number of C Atoms:
• Number of RNH2:
• Number of R2NH
• Number of R3N
• Number of ROPO3
• Number of ROH
• Number of RCHO
• Number of RCOR
• Number of RCOOH
• Number of RCOOR
• Number of ROR
• Number of RINGS
• Number of AROMATIC
• Hydrogen Bond Donors
• Hydrogen Bond Acceptors
• Partition coefficient log P
• Polar surface Area

Final Step.

*After the next successful execution your downloadable file links will be:

1. Searching parameters:

2. Compounds that Pass searching criteria:

3. Compounds that Fail searching criteria:

*Results are stored for a week.