Toxicity Filtering Toxicophores

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Custom List of Organic Toxic Compounds
1. N#N dinitrogen
2. C(=O)F formyl fluoride-Michael acceptor
3. C(=O)Cl formyl chloride-Michael acceptor
4. C(=O)Br formyl bromide-Michael acceptor
5. O1CC1 oxirane
6. C/N=N/C diazene
7. c1ccc2c(c1)cc1c(c2)cccc1 anthracene
8. C1=CC(=O)C=CC1=O quinone
9. c1cc(ccc1O)O hydroquinone
10. C=CC(=O)C butenone--Michael acceptor
11. CCOOCC O-O heteroatom
12. CCNNCC hydrazine-N-N heteroatom
13. CCNOCC N-O heteroatom
14. C=CCl chloroethane--Michael acceptor
15. C=CF fuoroethane-Michael acceptor
16. C=CBr bromoethane-Michael acceptor
17. C=CC#N acrylonitrile-Michael acceptor
18. C=C[N+](=O)[O-] nitroethene-Michael acceptor
19. CCSSCC disulfane-S-S heteroatom
20. c1ccc2c(c1)OCO2 benzo-dioxane
21. N(C(=S)NC)C thiourea
22. c1(c(ccs1)C(=O)C)N 2-amino-3-carbonyl thiophene
23. c1cc(c(cc1)O)O catechol
24. s1c(ncc1)N aminothiazole
25. S1C(=S)NC(=O)C1 rhodanine

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